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December 31, 2018

At this place is time to sum up my 2018. It was a wonderful ride. Well more than ride, it was a wonderful run. Long run, recovery run, tempo run and other kind of runs. This is mosdef what I would like to highlight as the most important thing I’ve learned and reached this year. It’s not the total sum of kilometer what’s making this year special. Although 2552 km is a number I wouldn’t dare to dream of two years ago. The most important element which underpin the success of 2k18 is the variety of trainings which helped me to escape from the running routine and enjoy every god damn minute I’m out there doing what brings me joy.

Still remember how shocked I was when I realized I’m able to do 70, 80 or even 100 km per week and was still full of energy and enthusiasm to jump into running shoes and go out. The diversity of hard days with easy tempo long runs and morning recovery jog to bakery reminds me how much I like running and that the mixture of trainings is essential in case I don’t want to just chase for the numbers.

You could check my strava video here.

Daniel Straub

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