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Call it a month - April (5/12)

May 01, 2019


… it’s how I would sum up another running month.

Eventhough the total milage of 275km is the least since the beginning of the year, it is adequate result realizing almost 90km was paced sub 4:15 min/km. Guess one just have to take a deep breath afterwards. Fact I’m considering 4:15 min/km as a fast pace is because my goal for this year is to finish marathon under 3hours, which is about that pace. I have to say I’m starting to feel really confident running in that zone so I hope this feelings are going to grown further. One and only!

My last post was ending with a questionmark about my 5k and 10k races. So how did that go?


Shortly - not that good as I was expecting. I guess it just wasnt the day. My expectations were somewhere around 3:40 min/km but I wasn’t able to keep this tempo in the end of the track. My guess is that race starting at 8 pm is bit tricky for nutrition throughout the day + it’s the time of the day when I’m used to be after training just relaxing. I think I just wasnt expected that fatigue is going to kick me and hold me back. Still made PB (3:50).


Shortly - good but… 10km race was starting also at 8 pm so I’ve learned from my previous mistakes which helped me to feel more relaxed and resulted in 1st place! So at this place I could definiteliy give myself a KUDOS because running whole race in the front and last 2km under pressure while other guys were breathing on my back was something new for me. Unfortunately I did not break 40minutes (goood daamn it, 5 secoonds!) but because the whole run was totally under my control I don’t feel that bad as after 5k race. The main distiction between the 5k race and 10k was that I’ve started slower and was holding first 2km righ under 4 min/km and after I’ve started to push some extra effort. The last km was the second fastes from the whole race. Wohoo.

So to ended up somehow I could say both races gave me something I could work with. Firtsly to focus when is the race and adjust my rythm slightly to it and secondly to have some strategy for the race.

Let’s hope I’m not bullshiting myself and upcoming half marathon which is in 5 days will meet my expectations.

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