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Call it a month - December (1/12)

January 07, 2019

This is how I could sum up December. 15 (271km) out of 21 runs (315km in total) were in low intensity rate which was and partly still is bit challenging for me. I could finally say low intensity runs are now essential part of my training and I’m really wondering how the effects will, in the long term, look like. My plan is to run fast half marathon during spring and finally finish sub 3 hours marathon in autumn.

“Slow runs are going to eat up most of your running time.”

This is the reason why I’ve managed to make sports test and started to running according to HR with more systematic approach. Before my last marathon I was used to be running sub 4:30 each run and now I’m in this pace only during specifics workouts. My usual tempo for low intensity trainings is around 4:45-5:10. Depends on the profile etc.

It’s hard to imagine running slower will make me faster. Anyway I’m learning to keep myself back, running according to heart rate and enjoying reaching weekly distances without feeling tired. Even some small injuries I had time to time like pain in knees disappear. Here I think, its due to less stress my body is exposed to and enough time to build up strong base (which would be definitely needed later on).

Guess this is how the beginning of the running season should looks like.


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