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Call it a month - February (3/12)

March 01, 2019

Third month is over and I’m surprised I have no problems to follow my plan. Even though finding a time for training have never been an issue for me I have to admit I was in the beginning bit worried whether running according plan is for me.

Is it going to tie my hands? Am I going to change my approach to running? What if I fail to tick the boxes?

…just to name some of my doubts

All of those plans looks so perfect but the reality could sometimes go in a different direction. I’ve originally planned to share both sides of training. I mean the expectation and reality, but because these two are still the same I have to postpone it for later (or never, hopefully).

The total monthly distance bit dropped off compare to last month but still 300 km is result I’m satisfied with. The difference between those months is not because February is shorter (lol) but because I’ve started to put in some fast trainings instead of big kilometers. Fast running also means more time for recovery to prevent injuries (and extra time for finishing my diploma as well, omg). It’s important to give body some extra time to absorb and adapt to new conditions.

My usual week is now around 80-90 km with one day rest, one day recovery running and the rest is combination of easy to moderate effort + various intervals from 400m to 5km in specifics intensity or pace. After winter volume period is such a change more than welcome.

Something is telling me next month will go even more in this direction.

See you soon!


Daniel Straub

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