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Call it a month - March (4/12)

March 02, 2019

Spring is officially here and so running in shorts and tank tops(almost) and of course the first peak of the season. Usually I would already been looking for the fine hostel where to accomodate myself while I used to be running marathons abroad and also would be full of enthusiasm because of new upcoming race.

Not this time!

Instead of doing 2 marathons like I was used to over the last two years (lol), I’ve decided to focus during spring on half marathon. Something fast. Definitely under 90 minutes and as close as possible to 80 minutes.

The reason is I would like to really improve my overall fitness condition and get faster which should help me to reach my autumn’s sub 3 hour marathon. At least thats how I’m thinking about it. Realizing my last marathon was 3:09, there is still quite a gap I need to fulfill. And this time I want to already kill it so making step aside and try to focus only on one main perk sounds reasonable for me.

Overall distance for March is 350 km in 24 runs. The training now is more focused on running at specific tempo which is challenging. Sometimes more than it looks like on the paper but I’m still able to meet my demands. So all fine in the end. I’ve already noticed I prefer less longer distance rep (1-10km) more than doing for example 20x400m. Wondering if it means something or I’m just lazy. Anyway is nice to see I’m starting to feel really confident in pace around 4min per km.

I’m going to try 5k and 10k race to check how the training is going and 5.5. is my first attempt to sub 90 minutes half marathon.

Let’s see whether I could give myself kudos or not.


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