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December 06, 2018

This is not a “new year/new me” kind of a blog. I’ve been keeping this idea for a while and now it’s just about the time to takeoff. The fact I’m starting with this blog almost at the end of the year is a partly coincidence and partly because it has been already a month since I’ve made and important decision and started to train under a “personal” guidance. Thus why I want to start writing a blog about this new period of my running.

I know it might be not necessary to write about my running habits when one could easily evaluate all the trainings and hours out there with colorful charts, long term data etc. And even though I do believe in the power of those numbers I also believe other dimension of your evaluation could provide valuable insight. Since I’m a used to keep diary to sum up my daily thoughts and put them out off the table, I assume writing a blog will add something more to my running. Plus I’ve always wanted to have a blog but I just couldn’t find my niche.

And here it is. After lets say 4-5 years of breaking up and getting back together with running (usually on break from May to September, lol) I’ve finally 3 years ago ended up this cycle and since than running really get under my skin. Hope we will all have fun along the way.

So lets dive in to it!.

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